Our Mission

GES will provide compassion, guidance, and encouragement for each students' academic success.

Our Vision

100% Effort

100% of the Time


  • Cub Scouts!

    If your son is interesting in Cub Scouts, please view the video below!

    Cub Scout Video

    Galliano Elementary School
  • Virtual Open House

    Click the link to view your child's grade level Virtual Open House Video!

    Galliano Elementary School
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    Galliano Elementary School
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Title I Parent Involvement Plan

 Parent Involvement School Packet.docx 

At GES, we encourage parental involvement. Please see the above link for our Title I Parent Involvement Plan.

Title I Teacher/Parent/Student Compacts

Teachers, Parents, Students - Together for Success

View compacts here: Re 3a_compacts.zip 

Parent Resource Center

A Parent Resource Center is available at our school in the library at all times. 

Mrs. Wunstell is also available for parents to discuss any information or concerns. Please call school to schedule an appointment.

Louisiana School and Student Safety Act

The Lafourche Parish School Board is committed to providing a safe environment for the students and employees of its schools. The school board shall take immediate action to address any potential threats of violence or terrorism to students and employees as required by the Louisiana School and Student Safety Act(La. Rev. Stat. Ann.§17:409-17:409.5)

 Elementary training videos

Learn Gun Safety with Eddie Eagle and the Wing Team

NetSafe Episode 3:  Tell an Adult 

NetSmartzKids- It’s OK to Tell


 SHP_Say_Something_Presentation_Web Version.pptx