Our Mission

GES will provide compassion, guidance, and encouragement for each students' academic success.

Our Vision

100% Effort

100% of the Time


  • Cake Bingo

    Friday, October 20

    5 - 7 PM in the GYM

    Students MUST be accompanied by an adult! No Drop Offs!


    Galliano Elementary School
  • Red Ribbon Week Dress-Up!

    Mon., Oct. 23 - Be a HERO, Be Drug Free! Superhero shirt with uniform bottom.

    Tues., Oct. 24 - To SMART to Start! High School/College Sports shirt with uniform bottom.

    Wed., Oct. 25 - Drugs and I Don't Mix!  Mix and Match Clothes & Crazy Hair.

    Thurs., Oct. 26 - We are RED'y to Just Say NO to Drugs! Red shirt with uniform bottom.

    Fri,. Oct. 27 - Our Future is DRUG FREE! Future Career dress up.

    Galliano Elementary School

Upcoming Events

  • 4-H Hero Poster Due

    Galliano Elementary School
  • Drug Free Parade

    Galliano Elementary School
  • Halloween

    Students may wear school appropriate costumes. No masks.

    Galliano Elementary School
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Title I Parent Involvement Plan

 Parent Involvement School Packet.docx 

At GES, we encourage parental involvement. Please see the above link for our Title I Parent Involvement Plan.

Title I Teacher/Parent/Student Compacts

Teachers, Parents, Students - Together for Success

View compacts here: Re 3a_compacts.zip 

Parent Resource Center

A Parent Resource Center is available at our school in the library at all times. 

Ms. Hill is also available for parents to discuss any information or concerns. Please call school to schedule an appointment.

To Report Child Abuse and Neglect

To report child abuse and neglect, call the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) child protection hotline at

1-855-4LA-KIDS (1-855-452-5437) toll free 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Education of Students with Exceptionalties